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マニラでのソーシャルワークとの出会い記録から、日本のソーシャルワーク×多文化/法的支援、インドで暮らし、働き、旅するカラフルさ、インド&野草ごはん、身体を解すこと、レジリエンス/回復についての試行錯誤を記録したく。 私もあなたも、ゆるく受けいれて生きていけるといいなと祈りながら。

ペイント オヤコもカップルもよき友人関係から、かなぁ



How we, national children choose our own parents is similar to choose the one to marry...

Initially they're totally others/arien.

Make some compromise

Make contract

Make some quarrel

Get used to each other

If not, depart 

What's the difference?

.... Love

Personally I think the more significant point would be economic gap? Children can't earn money initially..

Considering the history women also have been having difficulties in eanring for their own, though.

Also love marriage can be said kind of new. There are / were marriages without love or love AFTER marriage.

(I might need to practice this, love after severe heart break with the partner )


Ohhh Aki has the similar idea with me.


Saying No in pa-int is our right and also Obligation


If you can change your parents?

If you can choose another person's life/ body to live ?

Still maybe I'll choose the same one ...😭



People put too much emphasis on "roots"?

Like food traceability.

Is it that important?

To feel safe?

To understand people?

Isn't it more important to know yourself than knowing parents?

Hmm it's not divided.

Roots can be Part of us. But not everything...


NCs are well accustomed to be controlled...

Outside families can be miniture of NC ... there are also rules.


Guards have enough space to wait NCs to feel better relaxed...



Jennu liked the phorogram if that pre-foster who don't hide their honest feelings:) 

" We don't really want a child 🤣but we have a personal issue..."

They seem quite interesting.


Knowing me but don't show that, just keep an eye on me.... that's not judgement


Why people don't want to give birth to (or raise?) their children..?

Too heavy?? 

Need to invest


I want parents who are honest to themselves.

That's so true.

I want a partner who is honest.

I want to choose to be honest.

I want a partner with whom I /we can be honest.


Is there perfect match?

Of course not ...

So where is the line of compromise?


Job Hunt

Marriage Hunt

Children Hunt 

Parents Hunt

Personal relationships are absorbed into economic market...?


NCs number is like our ID .. natural sense:) wanna be like that. See the person as they are without outside info.

CV/ history sucks !?🤣


They are not prepared...

What is the preparation to be a parent?

If you make preparation, you can be a good parent???


Preparation might be an obstacle to see the children as they are...sense of control..




Does everyone need to look like "the adult"???


Human might not want honesty? Honesty is sometimes... Painful.



Children would be hurt most heavily by their family... that's why she decided not to make a child.

It would be scary if I would control the personality, sense of value and even the life..of the child... it's so scary...

I really feel

empathy for her....!!


Children are not the Subject of the research or experiment. But many parents do researches n experiments to control their children as they want....!?


Everyone has their own inner child... everyone!?


Parents are unstable n anxious in general...


Jennu n other NCs want the true adult who trust n believe the children... They can find what adults can't see..


NCs are like gazel.... since childhood they can walk talk think but need support...no experience to live in the outside society??

Similar to the children with disabilities? Living in another country also? New rules. 


People see/ understand the others in a sooooo selfish way. Many Ppl mis- understand NCs n NCs don't understand guardians....

We know NOTHING...

PAK was adult children...

It happens...

Knowing people takes time n effort. That's the key of the relationship.


As you get old, your face shows your life... wrinkles along with the eyes says how many times you've smiled in your life...


A mother also needs to be independent from her child...


How is the decent distance?

_you can see the person, but can't talk!?

Hmm I see....

With the partner I wanna talk/make dialogue....am I expecting too much?



We are not confident to be your good parents.

What is "parent"?

Do we really need to be your parents? Can we be friends?


They are not unprepared... They thought a lot...

Did I prepare well ? .........


Family is complicated

Takes time


Strength Nature...is not how well you can but what you won't stop...


Be happy in this unreasonable world 


It's not just the matter of the ability, it's coincidence …or karma?


Knowing reality, expectations to parents/children go down.

Same for work? Partner?

Work can be multiple.

What about the relationship?

Expecting everything to only one relationship is not fair...


Taking care of NCs is like one-way love?(片思い)to enjoy?


The age of 13-18.. usually children want distance from their parents but NCs want parents....to get out of NC...


Jennu... I don't have confidence to make that kind of relationship....hmmmm

I might feel the similar thing?

I'm not confident to have children.

But Hanna was also like that n they created Friendship, Right?



Still we have time.

Something might happen.

We don't know so we feel anxious.

At the same time, it's because we don't know why we can get accounted with unexpected things :)

We don't know so we can learn

We don't know so we feel excited

Life is joyful journey to recognize the things that we didn't know.


He's so strong to choose to live as an NC...! without painting...

Am I painting? I remove my paintings in front of specific person...