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マニラでのソーシャルワークとの出会い記録から、日本のソーシャルワーク×多文化/法的支援、インドで暮らし、働き、旅するカラフルさ、インド&野草ごはん、身体を解すこと、レジリエンス/回復についての試行錯誤を記録したく。 私もあなたも、ゆるく受けいれて生きていけるといいなと祈りながら。

Plaza de Armas same style of Hispanic cities

Both Lima and Cusco have Plaza de Armas,

surrounded by churches n official buildings.

(Like many major cities have Jama Masjid, means big mosk in India !?)


Plaza de Armas in Lima


Plaza de Armas in Cusco


(While Winter Lima is covered with thick cloud ☁️ Cusco is so sunny! ☀️)


 So What is Plaza de Armas?

Ask Wikipedia...

-literally Weapons Square,💣⚔️

but better translated as Parade Square or parade ground🎉

-the name for the main square in many Hispanic Americancities.

-In the central region of Mexico this space is known as El Zócalo and in Central America as Parque Central (Central Park).

-While some large cities have both a Plaza de Armas and a Plaza Mayor, in most cities those are two names for the same place.

-Most cities constructed by the Spanish conquistadores were designed in a standard military fashion, based on a grid pattern taken from the Roman castrum, of which one of the blocks would be left vacant to form the Plaza de Armas.

-It is often surrounded by governmental buildings, churches, and other structures of cultural or political significance.

-The name derives from the fact that this would be a refuge in case of an attack upon the city, from which arms would be supplied to the defenders.



That's why there are in many Hispanic places.

Manila was also like that that's why maybe i felt nostalgic...

This is different from Japanese ancient cities? It's mainly castles n not that open.

Delhi wasn't like that neither.

Since it's originally from Roman style?

Roman king liked open style ?