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What do you do when you are asked to do some tasks by your Boss who is the CONTROLLER type?

What do you do when you are asked to do some tasks by your Boss who is the CONTROLLER type?


I don’t hate my current boss but sometimes feel annoyed when he asks me to do some tasks… (- -;)without clarifying the MEANING and how I can utilize my STRENGTH…


Well it is a job, job is job, just do it. That is true…

Recently my boss asked me to write a report of a conference that he and I attended.

As as boss it seems natural to ask, I understand but I felt ANNOYED. I also felt a bit bad about myself being childish…


Hm, actually when the invitation of the conference came, he didn’t invite me to attend the conference. I noticed about the conference by seeing the email. (He didn’t share anything to me…)


I was aware that I attened the same conference in the previous year as a person primarily responsible for the related service, so I asked him if I should join. Then he said “ah ok you can come”



Both he and I were kind of passive attitude (- -;)

I felt responsible for it so though I didn’t really like the conference, I asked him if I SHOULD join…


Maybe it might be better to consult in a way that I WOULD LIKE TO attend…!? But is it my real feeling??hmmm again it is job, so I should pretend to be active on that!? Hmmm Recently I have met my friend who is working as a sales person. She told me that as a sales person it is important to imagine the feelings of the client and try to meet their needs, not pushing the goal of the company. It seems the very basic but maybe hard to PRACTICE that in real. I asked her if she feels stressed with that, then she said Yes but it is a JOB, when she feels stressed, drink eat sleep then forget! I see… I felt that it is an adult.. but do I want that?? Maybe No. Even it is selfish…!? What I’m wondering is kind of selfish and childish issue. But at the same time it is important to be with my own feelings.


Anyways I could learn and get useful information there, though I felt tired being amiabale to other participants… I took a role of taking notes and summarizing the discussion,” by utilizing my strength”.

One thing is, my boss was maybe not putting importance on the conference…  from my impression he didn’t think anything what would be the MEANING for our organization or for me or for that conference or for our CLIENTS we support together and for our SOCIETY…so I kind of felt that Im not encouraged by him!!!!!

Well, it is I MYSELF who mainly encourage myself… How do I like to make better relationship with him, improving both of us?? Do I want to put energy to that? HOW MUCH IMPORTANT for me is it??? Well, working time is kind of long, more than half of the time among being awake … and well he is an interesting person so maybe I would like to induce his strength too… he said he is not a person for the grass root but opt for managing… Well,,, is it?? I don’t know if he is good at managing… from my point of view his strength is his knowledge, observing the people -> it is nice to have FEEDBACK from him. And also he is good at taking care of elderly people, considering their pride.

What is the reason I feel annoyed when he asks me to do some tasks, again!

a. Meaning/ Objective/Why me? How I can utilize my strength? is not clear-> chance to think…or ask in a good way? I’d like to confirm the objective. From my view the objective would be…is it right?

b. Scope of the task is very vague (He just says YOROSHIKU)-> chance to guide clarification from my side.

c.I just don’t wanna waste my time to make report…or unnecessary tasks…(- -;)

d. His attitude is like I am a boss you should follow!? Well I’m not doing job to be said thank you by him. Let’s find the meaning, learning from my side and be aware of how much importance I would put…

Well I don’t like to 阿るor 諂う(flatter/blandish) but wanna be smart! Maybe sometimes it’s a good strategy to appeal that I’m doing job for you… and also make the boss aware of the meaning of the job.?? Hmm No considering his type, which is a CONTROLER, he doesn’t like to be asked questions. Asking questiong is leading the flow. He is the person who wanna control so what I should do is to say the CONCLUSION  directly and if I ask question or make proposal, make space for him to CHOOSE. He would also like to be asked his lecture..well he is informative. We can learn. Haha I re-realized that I put importance on meaning well!!!

So… I can think the MEANING in myself and put CONCLUSION and ask KNOWLEDGE /FEEDBACK from him, who is CONTROLLER type. Now it is a bit like a game !? ^^