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Social worker is not special

Social worker is not special.


Had lunch with an Indian social worker.
We met at the workshop on mental health and made friends there.


His career so far
He started his career as an engineer.
When he was a high school student, he didn't know what he wanted to do in the future then somehow automatically he went into engineering course which is kind of recommended in the society. He worked in two companies as an engineer and he found he didn't  like it. Then he went to TISS, Tata Institute of Social Science.


Why social work?
His sister is working at a hospital related to abortion area which made him interested in social work area. Working in the profit oriented company didn't make him happy.
For me it was nice to have working experience in the consulting company which was like an army and very profit oriented but it was hard for me to feel happy. I didnt like admin only work so much and staying in the office.. .. maybe ?
I like to listen to ppl, empower and see the hope in the future together.
My formative experience is my internship in Manila. The NGO was helping Japanese Filippo Children by offering legal support and scholarships. I loved the social workers there who are very cute, warm and understanding.
I also liked the work like intake interview, home visit and conducting workshop.
Sharing has big empowering power.


What is important as a social worker?
Case management
Documentation(describe the fact)
Comprehensive language


How is the position of social worker? What is social work?
Recently it is preferred to be identified as a program manger than social worker. Typical image of social worker was field worker but nowadays diverse work portfolio is becoming important.
Choose to be a social worker is not so special. It's same as becoming a banker. It's not like ppl who have experienced issue in their life only becomes social worker.
TISS, Delhi University and another famous Univ advocated to the government to professionalize the social work.:)



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