Just Living Diversity

マニラでのソーシャルワークとの出会い記録から、日本のソーシャルワーク×多文化/法的支援、インドで暮らし、働き、旅するカラフルさ、インド&野草ごはん、身体を解すこと、レジリエンス/回復についての試行錯誤を記録したく。 私もあなたも、ゆるく受けいれて生きていけるといいなと祈りながら。

various feelings

Trying to create a dialogue between myself n ex. It's soooooo hard but learning a lot, maybe?

His stance is be couldn't help me because I didn't ask him for help.

I didn't have enough energy to Express my feelings n situation at that time...

This quarrel seemed to be so difficult.

We are not on the same wavelength...


Hmm It's better to explain in advance that I'm honest but sometimes have difficulty in showing my negative feelings n go into selfhated.

I could have said that I don't know how to ask for help but I'm about to die.

I wanted him to show his feelings though I know that he's shy...


No choice but to release?

Anyways it's getting better.

Go with the flow.

All is well ❤️