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マニラでのソーシャルワークとの出会い記録から、日本のソーシャルワーク×多文化/法的支援、インドで暮らし、働き、旅するカラフルさ、インド&野草ごはん、身体を解すこと、レジリエンス/回復についての試行錯誤を記録したく。 私もあなたも、ゆるく受けいれて生きていけるといいなと祈りながら。

Muna nice herb tea in Puno /Titicaca



🔺Muna tree 


I love the flavor of the breeze in taquile island, which probably comes from muna trees.


🔺Muna tea

It is said that When Muna flourish well, the harvest of the year ( like potatoes and beans )are good.

Muna is good for head ache, high altitude desease.

Ppl in the islands of titikaka like amantani, taquile drink muna tea daily.
They put raw muna sticks into hot water as well as they have tea bags.

It smells like bitter mint or rosemary.
In the knitting of taquile, patterns of muna can be found :)


🔺Muna in embroidery of taquile island



🔺A lady selling muna tree stick n other plants