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マニラでのソーシャルワークとの出会い記録から、日本のソーシャルワーク×多文化/法的支援、インドで暮らし、働き、旅するカラフルさ、インド&野草ごはん、身体を解すこと、レジリエンス/回復についての試行錯誤を記録したく。 私もあなたも、ゆるく受けいれて生きていけるといいなと祈りながら。

Personal experience as a user: enjoyed😊& uncomfortable☹️ and why?

Mercari is a Japanese second-hand site for buying and selling used items without in-person meet ups.


◎Easy to review which goods you saw &liked
◎You don't need to switch when you wanna use it as buyer and when you wanna be a seller
→You can easily check other sellers put how much  prices for the goods you gonna sell
Easy to shift to each function (checking notification, selling new goods, using e-money earned by selling, checking mypage etc.
The apps try to recognize the goods (automatically)by the uploaded photoes to minimize the users' effort to input the information of the goods

◎Sometimes offer coupons for both real shopping and shopping in Mercari

△Not that strong emotional bond.. though they are trying to collect the personal stories with one's belongings etc.,  for me it's still just a kind of "useful" app.



Uncomfortable & confused☹️: Google Analytics


✕Not easy to learn how to use to get what kind of information..
✕Hard to understand what are the suggestions for improvement...