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Interaction Design Form.. user research



Question 1
For this open-ended question, we want you to make a first attempt at creating your own research plan document. Imagine that you are planning to conduct a usability test of your local weather forecast website. More specifically,
☀you want to test how easy it is to find your local weather forecast.
Please write the following sections of a research plan document for such a test:


To clarify how much easy for the users who utilize the local weather forecast website to find the forecast of their area 


1)It would be exploratory survey research, not the verification.

2)It can be both qualitative research, not quantitative

Quantitative research can help the users to grade how much they feel useful/ easy to use

Qualitative research can clarify why it is easy/difficult to use and how it can be improved


Step 1: Questionnaire survey (as a quantitative base research)

Step 2 :Depth interview cum observation (as a qualitative research)



Those who use the weather forecast website

More than 10 times  (loyal user)
Just few times and stop using
■How to recruit

Online survey: Recruit from the website of weather forecast / ask for neighbors directly
2: Interview: Ask 3 persons each (loyal user and those who stopped using the website) from the participants from Step!


1 Online survey -> at participants favourable location

2.Observation & interview -> at the office of the researcher


■Output Image

1.Online survey ->Grade how much easy for the participants to find the local weather forecast in the website (from 1.Very easy 2.Easy 3.Normal 4.Difficult 5.Very difficult) and what specifically is easy/difficult

2.Interview and observation ->Draw the eye tracking of how the participants try to find the weather forecast in the website and what are their pain points


1.Online questionnaire survey form

2.Smartphone for the users to use in the interview and any device to record a video


*The purpose of this exercise is to give you a taste of what you need to consider when you plan a research project, so don’t worry if you don’t know the right terms for different research methods and equipment yet.

You can use the research plan document template (which we give a link for under the references above) as inspiration.