Living Diversity

インド仕事・生活・旅の記録、メンタルヘルスに関する話題など。いろんな文化ごちゃまぜのところが好きです。 ケアする人のケア&当事者研究、アロマ、タッチング、 多様性がいかされる場  ひとがどうやって元気を回復していくか? が関心ごとです からだほぐし、出張したり介護施設でお手伝いしたりしておりました。 *ダグダガイ(フィリピン式・竹の棒をつかった足のマッサージ)  いらないものそぎ落とされる感が強くておすすめです。

Ahmedabad -the very airbnb

Staying at Ahmedabad via airbnb.

It's really like visiting friend's house or staying  with share mate.



Cooked together :)

Dal fry and jeera rice.

There are currently 2 guests including me.

The other person Amer is Gujaratee but he was born in Dubai and studying in Ottawa. 

His English is different from Indian.

I shared my idea that india and Canada have something in common: both are the country of "diversity".

He mentioned the difference. in Canada ppl becomes Canadian regardless of their roots.

In India ppl keep their own culture.

Might be true. He is more like Canadian than indian.

When the owner added a lot of oil and salt in his dish Amer said the diabetes and heart attack issues are reasonable ...