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インド仕事・生活・旅の記録、メンタルヘルスに関する話題など。いろんな文化ごちゃまぜのところが好きです。 ケアする人のケア&当事者研究、アロマ、タッチング、 多様性がいかされる場  ひとがどうやって元気を回復していくか? が関心ごとです からだほぐし、出張したり介護施設でお手伝いしたりしておりました。 *ダグダガイ(フィリピン式・竹の棒をつかった足のマッサージ)  いらないものそぎ落とされる感が強くておすすめです。

How to sell Sushi for foreigner?どうやってインド人におすしを売るか?


先週末、Grab Festという食のお祭りがあって、



Point 1

Point 2


How you will sell Sushi to people from foreign countries?
I got an opportunity to help Sushi shop run by Japanese,
who had their own stall in a food festival :)
I was impressed by the owner's attitude to explain detail about their own sushi and Japanese food culture.

Point 1
This is very important for Indians.
When customers buy both VEG&NON-VEG, they should be packed respectively.

Point 2
Introduce the detail while Marketing.
(Peter Ferdinand Drucker said that Management is Marketing & Innovation)
The following is how the owner lady talked with customers.

(1)Knowing the Indian as general
(2)Asking question to each customer
(3)Passion to deliver the Sushi culture.
These 3 seemed important for "Introduce the detail while Marketing."

★example of conversation
Owner(O):Hi How are you?
Customer(C): Good :) (Watching the menu)
O: May I introduce?
C:Yes, please.
O: Are you VEG or NON-VEG?
O:Ok we have several ingredients like fish, prawn and chicken.
C:Which is good? I have never had Sushi
O:Oh I'm happy that you are trying!
So the most popular one is California roll, it's basically Salmon, cucumber inside and topped with flying-fish egg(tobiko)
if you are interested in raw fish but not used to have it, Spicy salmon would be good.
The salmon is marinated with spicy sauce so the smell is suppressed
C: And what about prawn?
O:It is with fried prawn, called tempura inside. It is cooked/heated so it's easier to try
C: Okay I'll go for California.
O: Thank you! It is 250 rupee. May I have your name please?
(When we have many customers at one time, we kept the name, order, payment status on token)
May I explain how to eat?
C:Yes please!
O: Ok. This is Wasabi. We put just a small amount of Wasabi and soy source. If it is not sufficient please always tell us.
C: Ok. How can I use chopsticks?
O: First hold one of the chopsticks like this, then put another one here and move only upper one like this...

I really liked how she explain.
She also understands the image of typical ingredients for Indian.
For example, avocado is always imported so it is special. We should clearly say that AVOCADO inside,instead of just saying "vegetables" are inside.
And Asparagus is something exotic for Indian. So she said "if you would like to try something exotic, asparagus cream cheese is very nice!"
Also, rice for sushi is very different from indica rice. She also told the customers that "Rice is very important for sushi so we cannot compromise"