Living Diversity

インド仕事・生活・旅の記録、メンタルヘルスに関する話題など。いろんな文化ごちゃまぜのところが好きです。 ケアする人のケア&当事者研究、アロマ、タッチング、 多様性がいかされる場  ひとがどうやって元気を回復していくか? が関心ごとです からだほぐし、出張したり介護施設でお手伝いしたりしておりました。 *ダグダガイ(フィリピン式・竹の棒をつかった足のマッサージ)  いらないものそぎ落とされる感が強くておすすめです。

Mumbai ......;)

Visited Mumbai for one day.
(I know it is too short to cover!)

Mumbai seems to have different faces though I visited only few places.
Fort area including Gate of India and Taj Mahal Hotel is somehow more sophisticated than Delhi,
while Andheri / the area near Siddhivinayak temple (Ganesha temple ) are lively.
I felt like living there for 2-3 months :)


<How to go around?>
My friend and I stayed near Powai Lake, near IIT Bombay.

FIrst we went to Fort area, which is located in the South. ( It was already around 11am)
Cab seemed useful but TRAIN is very exciting ^^ (and cheap @10-20 rupees)
It is amazing because all the doors are open while traveling...




Just walking around the area surrounded by greens feels very nice.
Also sea breeze is so comfortable.

Then we went for Siddhivinayak again by train.
Vinayak means Ganesha in their local language.
There are special sweets for Ganesha, which is very cute.


Inside the temple is very peaceful. I can sit there more than one hour...
I also loved the local market nearby with full of flower shops.

After that we came back to the hostel.
We did not visit many places but it was good to go slowly.
Food in Mumbai like Masala Pav is kind of oily but tasty :)


What was interesting was, when I was on auto rickshaw,
the car next to me was lively with Bollywood music,
I was swaying to the music♪
Then the other person in another auto next to me smiled at me.
I love this kind of small happy moment..

I missed ...
Haj Ali Darga,
Britannia: Parsi (Zoroastrian) Restaurant in Fort area
Elephanta island
Chimanlals: Letter shop in Fort
Juhu beach..

should visit again :)