Living Diversity

インド仕事・生活・旅の記録、メンタルヘルスに関する話題など。いろんな文化ごちゃまぜのところが好きです。 ケアする人のケア&当事者研究、アロマ、タッチング、 多様性がいかされる場  ひとがどうやって元気を回復していくか? が関心ごとです からだほぐし、出張したり介護施設でお手伝いしたりしておりました。 *ダグダガイ(フィリピン式・竹の棒をつかった足のマッサージ)  いらないものそぎ落とされる感が強くておすすめです。

What attract you to buy special chocolates?

Have you ever tasted sophisticated chocolate made by differently abled ppl? 

I bought special chocolates in kyoto.
I was happy that my collegurs enjoyed the high quality chocolate as well as feel the story behind.

The chocolatier are trained by very famous  chocolatier, Mr. Noguchi. 

The impressive thing is that the chocolatier are people with Intellectual disability.
They work, fulfilling  their potential ability in commercial market  and make  customers happy :)

Many people choose their chocolates because of the quality, not just because those who are with disabilities made them.

I like this kind of business with nice social design.
 I'd like to know the situation here in India so pls share examples if you know :)

You can see the detailed story (sorry Japanese only ) and pictures bellow: